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Aluminum aircraft construction. Silver Shield® will outlast the life of several trucks. Due to the solid construction, the life expectancy is 10-15 years under normal use. The optional upper spring facilitates lifting.
  • Silver Shield® is constructed of heavy gauge aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Ribs (3-6), angle and channel braces are fabricated from heavy aluminum stock.
  • Aluminum sheets and components are riveted together with up to 700 driven rivets.
  • Interior aluminum is reinforced tih an attractive wood liner, giving special durability for the tolerance of extreme heat and cold.
  • The folding legs are constructed of aluminum tube.
  • The accessory parts for legs (bolts and mounting brackets) are zinc-plated and tenzaloy aluminum.
  • Springs (4) are deluxe zinc-plated which provide assistance in lifting the cover and locking the legs in open position. Optional upper spring configuration facilitates the already easy lifting.
  • Moveable joints have nylon bushing and hard fiber washers to prevent metal fatigue and wear.
  • Ropes (6.5 mm polypropylene, break test 1200 lbs.) control lateral movement of the cover.
  • Self-contained locks and hasps are chrome-plated, to resist corrosion.
  • Weather stripping around the entire cover is closed-cell foam, which seals the cargo from the elements.
  • It takes 32 hours of craftsmanship to manufacture your custom made Silver Shield® cover.


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