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Silver Shield Legal Statement
  • 50 years of quality craftsmanship
  • 90% Repeat Business
  • Cover made of aircraft aluminum
  • Field Organizers® made of galvanized steel
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Maintenance-free
How does the Silver Shield® System measure up?
Read what several of our customers have to say about us:
"We Drop Ship Anywhere
Around The World"

It has happened that on any given day we have shipped to the four farthest corners of this continent: A shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Ontario, Canada. And of course we have shipped to many small towns in between and far, far away.

The island of Pohnpei (somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, between the islands of Hawaii and Guam, a 25-hour flight from our office in Phoenix, AZ). In July, 1997, an inquiry about our products was received. In October, 1997, an order was placed for 3 units. In February, 1998, with 21 communications detailing measurements and specifications, the orders were shipped and sailed on a 25-day journey to the island, received and installed flawlessly.

How do we measure up? "...thank you again for your insistence on having the measurements correct. It would have been disastrous if they had been made the way we first sent the measurements. The products arrived as scheduled and are working fine as intended." -Jerry Knight, Project Manager.

How do we measure up to Henson Cave, a 69-year-old holder of the Purple Heart, who lost his right arm in WWII? You be the judge.

His 1st Silver Shield® lasted him three trucks - a 1964, 1980 and 1997 Dodge longbed. He had an accident in February 1998 in which his 1997 Dodge Ram was totaled. He, himself, just installed his 2nd Silver Shield® on his 1998 Dodge Ram Shortbed.

Robert Jorgensen, Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.

"So far I have had 6 Silver Shields® on my 6 pickup trucks. The 1st was on a 1980 Volkswagen, the 2nd on a 1984 Dodge Rampage, the 3rd, 4th, 5th AND 6TH on 1990, 1994, 1998 and 2002 Dodge Dakotas."

How do we measure up to Colonel Jorgensen? With six orders over the last 26 years, you be the judge!

Hunsaker & Associates, founded in 1976, is a planning, engineering, surveying and GPS company. It has offices in Irvine, San Bernardino, and San Diego, California, with 461 employees and 51 survey crews. Over the course of its 22 years, 150 Silver Shields® have "performed throughout many miles and treacherous terrain," writes Vice President Lee Anderson.

How do we measure up to Hunsaker? With over 150 orders within the last 22 years, you be the judge!

Westwood Professional Services
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Established in 1972 and grown to a staff of over 75+, provides traditional civil engineering, traffic & transportation as well as economic development services.

How do we measure up to Westwood Professional Services? 1st and 2nd orders were placed in February 1998, followed by the 3rd order in April 1998, which was followed by the 4th order in June 1998. The 5th, 6th and future orders will follow, because we have, and will, measure up to expectation.

Larry Maczura writes: "I am a cabinet and door installer. I've been installing for 12 years. For 8 years I used tool boxes and camper shells to cover and protect my tools. Every shell and tool box I used was eventually broken into and my tools were stolen. With one camper shell, I covered all the windows with plywood and put on 2 large latches and locks on the back to protect my tools, to no avail. In the middle of the day, my truck was broken into and 90% of the tools were taken.

I bought a used Silver Shield® Cover 4 years ago and have had no problems with theft, period. Very happy with protection and peace of mind.

I have bought a new truck this year, and I'm having a Silver Shield® put on it. I will be a loyal customer for a long time to come."

How do we measure up? You be the judge!

April, 1994, Everson, Washington
Ray Graham lost his truck which came with a Silver Shield® in a fire. He got himself a new truck and ordered a new Silver Shield® for his 1993 Ford.

March, 1996, Glacier, Washington
Dave Wilson saw the Silver Shield® cover on Ray's truck and placed an order for his 1995 Ford.

June, 1998, Maple Falls, Washington
Stan Goshorn saw the Silver Shield® on Dave's truck and placed an order for his 1989 Ford longbed.

These are a few testimonials confirming the quality workmanship of our products and our credibility. The fact is, if you buy a Silver Shield® you have a 90% chance of buying another one, and another one, and... There is also a 100% chance that one of your family members, a relative, neighbor, friend, co-worker or associate will buy a Silver Shield®, and another one, and another one, and... This "Law of Compounding Multiplication" will continue as it has for the last 50 years.

Reason? We do measure up to expectation.

How do we measure up to Robert South of Punta Gorda, Florida? He has used the Silver Shield® System for 22 years. You be the judge!

In 1977, Robert South took a job in Phoenix, Arizona. The truck they gave him was equipped with a Silver Shield®. "It was the first time I had seen anything like it. An ingenious idea, it kept everything secure, out of weather, and was noticeably cooler underneath." In 1985, he started his own surveying business in Florida. He immediately ordered a Silver Shield® for his Toyota. " that cover has outlasted three trucks and 13 years of abuse, and it is still in great condition. Now I am looking forward to getting a new customized Silver Shield® for my 1998 Dodge Dakota."

Mrs. Velen Whitmoyer, a surveyor with SRP (a utility company with a customer base of 650,000) states "The Silver Shield® system helps to be productive in the survey field by helping things to stay organized." 

How do we measure up to SRP? Over the years they have purchased over 40 units from us.

Community Sciences Corporation of Corrales, New Mexico, found out about our products in 1992 and placed their first order in October 1993, followed by their 2nd in April 1994, 3rd in May 1994, 4th in July 1195, 5th in January 1996, 6th in October 1997 and 7th in October 1997 with future orders as expected.

How do we measure up to Community Sciences Corporation? With seven orders over the last five years, you be the judge!

W.C. McDermott, Contractor, writes: "I bought my Silver Shield® on Jan. 31, 1976. Since then, I have had it on two pickup trucks and have driven them about 280,000 miles."

Our products withstand extreme usage. Why? Because we do measure up to expectation.


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