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Silver Shield Legal Statement
Credibility is:

A pickup truck is one of man's greatest inventions. It can be a "weekday workhorse" and a "weekend packmule."

"Weekend Packmule:" The idea for making the pickup truck a "weekend packmule" was conceived in 1955--(57 years ago). It took seven years to develop the product. The company then opened its door to the public in 1962. The first product was called the "Hi-Lo folding Camper." This unit weighed about 150 pounds. The establishment was named "Compact Camper Mfg. Co." In December 1963, the Popular Mechanics magazine wrote an article about this product. The headline read: "Fold-Flat Camper." The first patent, which was followed by nine more, was granted in 1972. (Presently four more patents are in process.)

Our 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation of Silver Shields® are still on the road today. They may carry no sticker name, or stickers with former product names such as Compact Camper, Met/Tarp and Hi/Lo Folding Camper. However, the same quality workmanship has been maintained throughout the years.

"Weekday Workhorse:" When mobility became a part of American life and pickup trucks become fully-functional offices on the road, security, versatility, convenience and safety become major issues. That wide open bed with your belongings in it is a thief's dream come true. Every time you leave your truck, you have to lug everything in it with you...or risk losing it all to some no-good hoodlum.

At this time, new positions such as fleet and traffic managers were created at many companies. This new breed of managers set a new standard to make the pickup truck as effective and efficient as it could be. These characteristics were:

  1. Benefits: (security, safety, savings, serviceability, protection, convenience, space utilization, economy, an add-on, fully-developed products, and a logical alternative).
  2. Advantages: (accessibility, durability, adaptability, versatility, operation, weight, effect of weight and cost of maintenance).
  3. Features: (materials and method of manufacturing).

Silver Shield® meets all of these characteristics. Today, we have 10 patents and the cover weighs only 40-75 pounds -- less than half the first Silver Shield®. It is a fully developed product. Its design does the "thinking" and "seeing" for the air flow. With over 40 models, its versatility is standard to all makes and models. Our field organizers® fit not only pickup trucks, but sport utility vehicles and vans as well.

The acceptance of the Silver Shield® system can be measured by the fact that it is a brand name that has become a recognized Trademark--as Kleenex® to tissue, Coke® to Cola and Silver Shield® to security pickup covers® and field organizers®. When corporate America and governmental agencies request a bid for security covers® and field organizers®, they ask for "Silver Shield®" or "equal" or approved "alternatives." Of course there is no such thing as "equal" or "alternative" to our versatile, innovative and cost effective products but Silver Shield® itself.

These agencies, to name a few, include Arizona State University, with a student body of over 70,000, and over 100 years of service (established in 1895); Utah Dept. of Public Safety; Georgia Dept. of Transportation; Texas Dept. of Public Safety; City Utility of Springfield, Mo.; Washington State University; New York Gas & Electric Co.; Arizona Public Service, etc. etc.

Another way to measure our acceptability is what we call the "Law of Compounding Multiplication"--that is: if you buy a Silver Shield®, you have a 90% chance of buying another one and another one and another one and... there is a 100% chance that one of your family members, a relative, neighbor, friend, co-worker, or associate will buy a Silver Shield®, and another one and another one and another one and... this "Law of Compounding Multplication" will continue as it has for the last 50 years.

We have customers who have owned 100s of Silver Shields® over the years. And, we have 100s of customers who have owned a Silver Shield® for the last 30 years on the same truck. And we have 1000s of customers who have utilized the same Silver Shield® on 3-4 trucks.
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Silver Shield® is guaranteed for a Full Year against all defects in material and workmanship for the original purchaser. Full warranty details come with each purchase invoice and are avialable from the manufacturer upon request prior to purchase. Thank you for visiting our Site.

For more detailed information please call us toll free 800/243-4394, or fax your inquiry to 602/257-1751.



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