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Silver Shield Security Cover
Security Cover

Field Organizer
Typical uses of the Silver Shield System
Typical Uses

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Popular pickup truck configurations:

Field Organizer Configurations

Configurations for SUV's, vans, etc.:

Field Organizer Configurations

Components of the Silver Shield Field Organizer®:
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Wheelwell Unit, Lower Storage Unit, Upper Storage Unit

    A. Wheelwell Unit
    B. Lower Storage Unit
    C. Upper Storage Unit

Lower Center Storage Unit

Lower Center Storage Unit


Regular Wheelwell

Regular & Custom Wheelwells
Custom Wheelwell


Upper Center Storage Unit

Upper Center Storage Unit



Back Seat Field Organizer
Back Seat Field Organizer®


Fenderwell & Bin-Drawer Units

E. Fenderwell Unit w/ drawer
F. Bin-Drawer Unit


More Custom Field Organizers® -- Endless Options... >>>


Endless Options --
-- You Design It, We'll Build It!
Lower unit (B) can be 8" or 11" high. Upper unit (C) can be 8" or 5" high.
You can add a regular wheelwell or custom wheelwell unit to all versions of B & C.


Pull-down Desk

    D. Pull-down Desk
    (accessory for
    Security Cover®)


    G. Unibrella
    (accessory for
    Security Cover®)



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